OpenGeoDb, modified, German data, Austrian data, Switzerland data

geoDb for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

I´ve extracted some basic data from OpenGeoDb to make the usage more comfortable.

The db consists of the plz, cities (inkl. latitude and longitude), states and countries for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It´s really easy to use: There are only 4 tables which are related by city-,state- and country-id. Also the db size is fairly small, only 10.7 mb (compared to the full OpenGeoDb dump, which has over 180 mb).


Overview of the tables and fields:

Table: jb_geodb_countrys
Fields: id, name

Table: jb_geodb_states
Fields: id, name, country_id

Table: jb_geodb_citys
Fields: id, city, state_id, country_id, lat, long

Table: jb_geodb_citys
Fields: plz, city_id




It´s based on the data provided by OpenGeoDb from October 2012.

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